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Agata Muszynska, Psychologist (Poland) 



Agata is a psychologist (MA), a Certified CBT Therapist, a Certified Advanced Level Schema Therapist, Schema Therapy Supervisor/Trainer in individual therapy, and a Couples Schema Therapist involved in the certification process. Within the International Society of Schema Therapy, Agata served as a member of the Individual Schema Therapy Certification Committee in 2021-2022 and is an active member of the Couples Special Interest Group and Trauma Special Interest Group.


Agata provides schema therapy treatment and supervision. She works with adults, specializing in long-term difficulties like personality disorders or dysfunctional personality traits, resulting from childhood trauma or other negative life experiences, recurrent depression, and anxiety disorders. She is passionate about how people grow out of their problems and develop and is eager to accompany them, which is why she mainly uses the schema therapy model now. Agata also teaches schema therapy at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Poland in a 4-year CBT psychotherapy certification program and provides regularly schema therapy self-practice/self-reflection workshops for her students.


Agata has been in the psychotherapy field for over 10 years. She started her adventure with psychotherapy working with domestic violence victims. Before moving entirely to her private practice and teaching, she had worked in a daily care unit in a psychiatry hospital in Warsaw, conducting CBT group therapy for 5 years, mostly for those with mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and personality disorders. To expand her knowledge and experience, she also completed an internship at an inpatient unit in one of the biggest psychiatry hospitals in Warsaw. Agata lived and studied psychology and psychotherapy in Cambridge, MA for one year in 2008-2009 and it was a great adventure for her.

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