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Eshkol Rafaeli, PhD (Israel)



Eshkol Rafaeli is a professor of clinical psychology at Bar-Ilan University, Israel, where he directs the Affect and Relationships Lab. Prior to joining BIU, the lab and Eshkol were at Barnard College, Columbia University. With funding from NIMH, ISF, BSF, the Templeton Foundation, and others, Eshkol and his lab have conducted basic research on personality, affect, and relational processes in individuals and dyads. In recent years, Eshkol has increasingly turned to the study of psychotherapy processes; at present, these involve a treatment personalization study of single-session interventions (in collaboration with colleagues at UC-Berkeley) and a study examining changes in self-structure surrounding brief imagery-based CBT for anxiety (in collaboration with colleagues at Trier University). Eshkol is the co-author (together with David Bernstein and Jeffrey Young) of the 2010 Routledge book on Distinctive Features of Schema Therapy. He continues to be very interested in using, teaching, supervising, and researching this approach.

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