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Lynda Parry, 

Clinical Psychologist (Australia)


Lynda Parry is a Clinical Psychologist who has been in private practice for 34 years. Originally an early childhood educator she has a passion for developmental psychology which led to 4 years post graduate study and accreditation in contemporary psychodynamic psychotherapy. At graduation her thesis on Dreams: Remembering, Reviewing and Reconstructing the Self was awarded the Ron Lee award for best thesis. She went on to present her paper Is Dream Analysis Obsolete? at the 6th World Congress for Psychotherapy in Sydney, Australia in 2011.

Lynda is trained in psychodrama and worked at The Psychodrama Centre, Sydney for 10 years. The experience of running psychodrama groups, training in both psychodynamic psychotherapy, and CBT, and knowledge of early development has stood her in good stead for embracing Schema Therapy. 

She is an accredited advanced individual and group schema therapist, a trainer and supervisor, and a Director of the Schema Therapy Centre of NSW. Lynda’s commitment to schema therapy has led to her taking the role of Chair of the ISST Quality Assurance Committee, being a member of the ISST Ethics Committee, and also ISST co-regional training coordinator for Australia.

Lynda runs the ISST accredited training modules for those wishing to learn the model and a popular annual workshop for experienced schema therapists “Experiencing Schema Therapy from the Inside Out”.

Her other passion is the dreaming process, particularly how it connects to memory consolidation and early maladaptive schemas. The annual webinar run by Lynda “Schema Therapy with Dreams and Nightmares “is attended by schema therapists across the globe.

Her article Schema Therapy and Dreams: Accessing The Vulnerable Child was published in the ISST Bulletin, in December 2018.

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